Our Story

Stephen Reeds - Teddy Edward OwnerThe original Teddy Edward - Stephens grandad

The Teddy Edward story began in a field.

On a wet autumnal day Creative Director, Stephen Reeds, stopped on his horse to study the country apparel of his friend and riding companion. It was at that moment that inspiration struck and from this came a new luxury brand: Teddy Edward.

Taking his design notes from the striking silhouette, a love of the rural lifestyle, and combining it with over 25 years of fashion industry experience, Stephen set about designing exclusive luxury British-made clothing crafted for a good life in the country and city.

As an experienced horseman, Stephen has an appreciation of the durability needed for country clothing. And with his fashion experience and passion for the outdoors he has the creative flair to make his collection work from the country to the city. His designs purposefully shake-up country classics and make them brilliantly modern, dashingly understated and proudly British.

Stephen’s Grandfather - and hero - gave his name to the brand: Teddy Edward. He was a fine gentleman and a fitting inspiration for a new company founded on the values of British quality and craftsmanship.

The brand’s mission is to create key wardrobe pieces that inspire a new generation of outdoor living and loving customers. Teddy Edward proudly supports and celebrates our Great British manufacturing heritage and the free spirit of the countryside, and blends it with innovation, style and a modern take on our rural roots. Stephen has built the brand on five core values:

  • British-Made Attire: We’re passionate about our authentically British crafted and inspired attire. It is distinctive in its relaxed, fresh design and beautifully refined fitted lines. Everything we offer is personally selected and designed from our home shores.
  • Country-to-city couture: Our hearts are in the country but we enjoy life in both the county and the city. We’re customising tradition with contemporary well-cut styling. Our laid back luxury looks immaculate in every weather and moves from the countryside to the town with elegance and ease.
  • Limited Editions and exclusivity: Our collections are exclusive. We’re your little known secret and we deliver perfection in every piece of our limited collections.
  • Celebrating our Heritage: We’re proud to be British. We respect and support British artisans and manufacturers to sustain our growth and respect our heritage. We are relentless in our commitment to British quality and visionary homegrown design.

We are exclusive and luxury, and always true to our word. No more than 200 pieces will be designed and crafted, per line. Each design is hand drawn by Stephen and bespoke for Teddy Edward. Each handcrafted piece will never be exactly repeated. Meaning with every treasured item in our collection, you get a little piece of our heritage and passion.

Proud to British

With its roots firmly in British soil, today the exciting growing company presents a beautifully crafted, luxury collection of men’s and women’s country-inspired clothing with a refreshingly contemporary feel. Each of Stephen’s unique and versatile designs is crafted in Great Britain from beautiful and hard-wearing fabrics of the highest quality, all sourced and personally handpicked by him from the very best UK manufacturers today.

Our Story continued.....

We're proud to say we are now 1 year old and have had an amazing year. We've shown at 20 shows and seen lots of lovely new customers and guess what?We've won some awards!

Best stand at Blenheim Horse Trials

Teddy Edward Clothing - Best Stand Award at Blenheim Horse Trials

Best Stand at Royal Berkshire Show

Teddy Edward Clothing - Best Stand Award at Royal Berkshire Show