Made in Great Britain


We’re proud to be British.


At Teddy Edward, we support British craftsmanship by selecting and working in partnership with the very best manufacturers from our home shores. Our commitment to find and work with exceptional and like-minded craftspeople takes time and persistence. Our hard work has paid off and we are now lucky to work with a network of gifted and creative artisans and manufacturers who share our passion for quality and Great British flare.

Our British manufacturing heritage is rich, but without our dedication to invest and buy British in the future, we commit our talents for intellectual design and remarkable craft to the annals of history. With the same devotion as an art dealer, we have carefully curated the best manufacturers and suppliers Britain has to offer. And by pooling together a variety of home-grown talent, our collection showcases everything Great about British manufacturing. Our bold and simple designs speak of our love for the English countryside and carefree days in the city.

From the buttons to the fabrics, we are authentic and relentless in our commitment to British quality and inspired design. The high-quality materials we use reflect our proud heritage and the rich history of our magnificent country. Our coats are from the historic county of Suffolk and our jackets – which are perfect for city or country – are made in the metropolitan buzz of our second city, Birmingham. Leicestershire is renowned for its hosiery and knitwear so we had on hand the best craftspeople for our knitwear and socks. We moved south to the home county of Buckinghamshire to find the best supplier for our luxurious jersey wear; and Nottingham was the natural choice for our buttons. With a fine history in Lace making, Nottingham craftspeople are well known for their attention to the finest of details. And finally to the Red Rose county of Lancashire to find the very best of historic suppliers for our luxurious fabrics.

Our products tell their own stories of the places they were made and speak of the collective talents of British manufacturers from all over the country. Our entire luxury collection is 100% hand-crafted by British skilled professionals and visionaries and we are very proud of our exclusive collections.