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Distinctively British

Welcome to Teddy Edward, the home of exclusive, British-made clothing with a contemporary twist.

We design and produce our entire collection of luxury women’s and men’s clothing and accessories right here in Great Britain, using only the finest materials and most skilled artisans available on this fair isle.

The Teddy Edward name has fast become synonymous with British-made excellence, so make a statement with high-end designs that seamlessly take you from country chic to city glam and right back again.

Always made in Great Britain. Forever championing sustainable fashion.


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Our great British promise

Because we take provenance very seriously, we commit to make our exclusive garments only here in Great Britain using use the very best materials and artisans we can source locally.

Wearing Teddy Edward means not only do you get high-end quality, but you contribute directly to our Great British ethos.

Find out how being a 100% British-made brand helps reduce our carbon footprint, support local employment and skills, provide fair wages, avoid child labour and more.

The heritage behind Teddy Edward

Founded in 2015, but with many years of British heritage behind it, Teddy Edward oozes the charm of a decades old brand whilst standing out from the crowd with a fresh, contemporary edge.

A simple idea that was born after a day on horseback and developed into the luxury brand we know and love today, Teddy Edward inspires a new generation of customer who yearns to achieve British country chic with a touch of classic city flair.

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