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Mia - Women's Pinafore Dress

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Mia - Women's Pinafore Dress

Thought pinafores were just for school girls? Think again! With our gorgeous Mia pinafore dress, British classroom chic never looked so good. Lovingly made by British artisans from an exclusive woollen-based fabric source from world renowned Yorkshire mills, this dress has been designed to flatter your curves thanks to the unique stretch in the fabric. Boasting artisan buttons, statement pockets and finished off with a tie waist, Mia brings a touch of playful charm and luxury British style to your wardrobe.

Always made in Great Britain. Forever championing sustainable Fashion.


  • Woollen-based fabric, exclusive to Teddy Edward
  • Small amount of stretch
  • Tailored to hug any figure
  • Handcrafted buttons
  • Statement pockets
  • Belted waist
  • Designed in Nottinghamshire
  • Fabric sourced from Yorkshire
  • Made in Buckinghamshire