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Fernie - Men's Luxury Cotton Banded Collar Shirt

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 Fernie - Men's Shirt .

Our superb 1920’s style Banded collar shirt is where it is inspired from. Its heritage run through each fibre of the 100% high quality cotton, while its tailored fit and shape brings it bang up-to-date and adds contemporary styling. Craftsmanship and cool design come together in each of our shirt designs, which are bespoke for Teddy Edward. They all feature fine and dandy contrasting stitching detail on the inside of the collar and a bibbed front gives it a dapper feel. All our seams are exquisitely finished giving our shirts a luxury feel and look. 

All of our men’s shirts are beautifully hand-crafted in London by the finest Tailors trained to make pieces that last a whole lifetime.

The Fernie has a blue body and a contrasting white collar with the white trimming under the button placket and cuffs

Made in London, Great Britain.

Machine washable.