Made in Great Britain

Distinctively British

Here at Teddy Edward, we have a simple ethos. Our brand is based entirely on provenance, meaning that we design, source and manufacture all our luxury clothing and accessories right here in Great Britain. No exceptions. From initial concept to final product, Teddy Edward values the importance of maintaining age-old British skills, as well as contributing to the ethical and environmental benefits that come with being British-made clothing.

Always made in Great Britain

To make the luxury products that Teddy Edward is renowned for, we have travelled the length of the nation to find the very best artisans, suppliers and manufacturers the country has to offer. We utilise the talent of skilled workers in:

Birmingham – Many of our tops are made in the metropolitan buzz of Britain’s second city.

Buckinghamshire – In the home counties we found one of the best manufacturers to produce much of our collection.

Lancashire - The Red Rose county is where we source luxurious fine velvets and our special stretch moleskin.

Leicestershire – Renowned for its hosiery and knitwear, we get our luxurious cotton, jersey fabrics and cosy alpaca socks from the county.

London - All our shirts are made by the very best tailors in the capital, lending to each piece a crisp, city edge

Nottinghamshire - A county with a rich creative history, finding skilled workers to make our luxury buttons and lace here was easy. Our unique high-build embroidery is also crafted in a small village in the county.

British-made clothing.

Boosting local employment and skills

We are proud to have created a network of talented artisans and manufacturers who not only share our Great British ethos but love to work on making our high-end designs a reality.The heritage of British manufacturing is rich, but in recent years most fashion brands have moved their production overseas. We are different. We are committed to investing in home-grown skills and talent to ensure that the history of British fashion lives on and the people of our country have access to even more worthwhile jobs.

Fair wages for all

Teddy Edward believes in paying fair wages for a fair day’s work, so the talented artisans we work with all benefit from proper rates of pay.We are committed to producing high-end, luxury products which we know could not be achieved by paying lesser skilled workers lower rates of pay to do the same job.