Work from home in British lock down style with Teddy Edward

Work from home in British lock down style with Teddy Edward


If you are one of the millions of people currently stuck in lock down due to the COVID-19 outbreak, chances are you have suddenly had to start working from home.

But with these new ways of living and working comes a brand-new challenge – what to wear?

Let’s face it, you aren’t exactly going to want to get dressed up to head down to the living room for the day. Or put on your usual workplace finery to sit in your new makeshift office *ahem, kitchen*. But the bad news is, as much as you would like to laze in your pyjamas all day, you still need to get dressed. Sorry!

So, what on earth do you wear to spend the day in your half home, half office we hear you cry?

Take a look at our roundup of the perfect casual Teddy Edward pieces that will see you working from home during lock down in true British-made style.

*Warning! With our selection of luxury casual wear, you will be so warm and snug that you will probably never want to leave the house again. Just saying!*


Ahh the staple hoodie. A casual, at-home look is never complete without one, right?

Luckily, we have several options for you to choose from to help you stay warm whilst you are tapping away on that laptop (or napping… we see you!)

If it’s an understated yet classic hoodie you’re after, look no further than Burton for the girls and Beaufort for the guys. Crafted from hard-wearing brushed cotton with a fleecy inner, these warm and practical hoodies are finished with deep pockets (perfect size for lock down snacks) and a drawstring hood.

However, if you are feeling a tad more adventurous with your new-found home workwear style, then we suggest checking out Abi and Charlie, our embroidered hoodies. With all the features of their predecessors, this duo goes one step further in the style stakes with the luxurious addition of our Teddy Edward logo and Union Jack motif on the arms in high-build embroidery.

Whichever Teddy Edward hoodie you go for, you are guaranteed warmth, comfort and 100% British-made quality.

Tops and tees

The beauty of working from home is that your unsuspecting co-workers won’t have a clue if you are in PJs or an office-worthy power suit. But what happens when you have to hop on that video conference?

Well, you can keep your PJs on the bottom half (after all, no one can see them!) but why not grab a casual but cool Teddy Edward top so you still look slick on camera?

For the gentlemen we love Edward, our long sleeve t-shirt. Featuring a tailored fit, statement ribbed cuffs and neckline, and made from a super soft cotton mix, Edward has been designed and made by British artisans to be your go-to chill out tee.

Not a fan of long sleeves? Our short sleeve t-shirt Oliver is a great alternative for those warmer days when you fancy taking your tea break in the garden.

Don’t worry girls, we have some great tops for you too! If your ideal loungewear consists of your other half’s rugby shirt, then why not get your very own to chill out in? A British classic reimagined for women, our rugby style shirt Ella has been carefully cut to give you figure-hugging comfort with an element of boyish charm.

Fancy adding a touch of sass to your lock down outfit? Evie, our long sleeve ribbed top is guaranteed to inject that luxury element into your new work-from-home wardrobe. Style Evie with our Ivy skinny lounge pants (more on those beauties later) for that classic loungewear vibe.


So, we have shown you the perfect pieces to wear on the top half when you are stuck to that home office chair (sofa), but what about the bottom half?

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like the idea of wearing ‘proper’ clothes when you are stuck in the house, then check out our skinny lounge pants, Ivy. Made from a gorgeously soft, stretch fleece fabric, Ivy has been designed and crafted by talented British artisans to bring you unrivalled style and comfort in one. Sign us up!

On the flip side, you might be someone who actually likes getting fully dressed for a day of work, even if it is from the dizzy heights of your dining room. To these people we say - don’t compromise style over comfort! Have both with our luxury moleskin jeans.

Gents, forget traditional, tough denim and give our super soft Teddy moleskin jeans a go. We promise you won’t look at jeans in the same way again. Comfortable enough for a day at home whilst still retaining that smart workplace edge, with Teddy you are on to a winner. 

For the ladies we have Cissie, our slim fit moleskin jeans. The British-made stretch moleskin fabric elevates your favourite jeans to the next level in softness and luxury, making them a perfect choice for lazy days working from home, without compromising on style.


We take our socks very seriously here at Teddy Edward and boy, do we have a great selection to keep those toes warm while you work from home! Here are our top picks.

The first pair to get a shout out has to be our super cosy lounge socks, Daisy. Made by British artisans from a luxurious 90% alpaca mix, Daisy really is the softest, slouchiest sock imaginable! Ideal for keeping warm when working, and even better for cosy days on the sofa. We are sold!

Don’t want a slouchy sock? No problem! Introducing Lauderdale and Brocklesby. Not only are they the ultimate under-boot numbers that are guaranteed not to fall down, they stand to attention as the perfect indoor socks too.

Between Lauderdale’s bouncy cushioned sole, Brocklesby’s super soft, knee length design and Daisy’s soft slouch, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to warming your feet in lock down.

Which of our casual, British-made clothing classics will you choose to see you through working from home in lock down? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media using #teddyedwardclothing !

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