What makes a pair of luxury Teddy Edward socks so special?

What makes a pair of luxury Teddy Edward socks so special?

What makes a pair of luxury Teddy Edward socks so special?

 At Teddy Edward, we are immensely proud of our devotion to British craftsmanship.

Our Brocklesby, Cheshire and Dartmoor luxury alpaca blend socks have exceptional craftsmanship in their hand-linked toe seams.

After the sock is initially knitted into a tube, the sock is then handed to the skills of the craftsmen (in this case ladies), who with care and attention sew the toe seams, using the impressive machines as pictured below.


The first step in creating a hand-linked toe seam is to carefully place the sock on the wheel of needles, ensuring a link is not missed. This is the most pivotal and important step in the process, since if a link is missed then this creates a ladder in the sock. This is literally done in the blink of an eye! The ladies make it look so simple. 


The second stage on the needle wheel is to cut off the excess of the sock. This extra yarn on the sock is just used initially to allow space to place the sock onto the wheel.

The crafts-person usually has four socks on the rotating needle wheel at one time. One of which being skillfully placed on to the wheel, one is having excess yarn cut off, one being sewn together and the fourth awaiting to be pulled off by the crafts-person.


The next step is completed by the needle wheel. The ends of the sock are neatly sewn together, creating the hand-linked toe seem, whilst being careful not to create any stitching lumps, allowing the ultimate comfort around your toes.


So next time you put on your Brocklesby, Cheshire or Dartmoor luxury Alpaca blend socks and are thinking the 'luxury' tag comes purely from the special blend of Alpaca and nylon to keep your feet warm, just remember the craftsmanship from the skilled ladies that make the hand-linked toe seams so comfortable in your shoe or boot.

We cannot emphasise enough how we love working with British craftsmen and manufacturers, these are just one of many luxury products we make at Teddy Edward.  Our socks are made with quality yarns designed to retain their original integrity, wash after wash in your washing machine. 

Once worn, your Teddy Edward Alpaca blend socks will be your first choice.


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