Teddy Edward On Holiday

 Best way to get over holiday blues? Pretend you're still on holiday. Relive the memory! That's what we're doing here anyway.

On a side note, they also say to help with those holiday blues you should spend as much time as possible outside. One of the reasons we feel so content and well on holiday is because we're spending all our time in natural daylight rather than artificial light in our homes and work places. So go on, get back outside! Do you really need any more excuses?

Keep reading to see some of our holiday styles wearing Teddy Edward... 


The Meynell Shirt is a great versatile piece for the holiday wardrobe. You can wear it smart or casual as seen here with rolled up sleeves, paired with a comfy pair of shorts and trainers. Its a lightweight shirt meaning you can wear it in the heat without wanting to rip your shirt off, and with it being made from 100% cotton its super comfy on the skin (theres nothing worse than itchy clothes on your sunburnt skin, oops!) 


 Cissie- Moleskin Jeans

The Cissie jeans are a staple for any Woman's wardrobe! Perfect for a smarter traveling outfit or for a cooler evening on holiday. I wouldn't recommend wearing them midday in 33 degrees heat as seen here (lets just say it was a struggle to get them off), but we just had to get a photo of them in one of the most picturesque destinations we've ever seen! What's better than a personalised pair of jeans?


The Ledbury is lightweight making it a great cover up for your holiday, its stylish thanks to its fitted style and Grandad collar with bib, and its super comfortable made from 100% cotton.




The Cottesmore polo makes for a smarter evening outfit, but are you manly enough to wear pink? Worn with a pair of matching pink shorts we think this makes THE gentleman's holiday outfit. 


Which has been your favourite look? Our favourite day piece has to be the Ledbury Grandad T-Shirt- its a great lightweight, fitted piece perfect for covering up to go to lunch. But our favourite evening look is the Cottesmore polo- for no other reason than its a classic! You can pair it with just about anything, its smart enough to look like you've made an effort when really... can guys be bothered on holiday? 

Would you have styled anything differently? We'd love to know your opinions!

If you're off on your holiday soon (firstly we're very jealous), but secondly we hope you have an amazing break and we'd love to see your holiday styles! Share with us on Instagram: @teddyedwardclothing 

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