Teddy Edward in Venice

Teddy Edward in Venice

Feeling the January Blues? Work already getting you down? The sort of thing a European city break would fix?

Well, why don't you make it the year you visit Venice.

We recently visited Venice and highly recommend you put it on your bucket list if its not already! 

Did you know that Venice is still supported by wooden foundations buried beneath the mud, in clay to starve the wooden tree trunks from oxygen, as with oxygen they would just rot away?

Venice shares our passion for good craftsmanship. Today, you can still see the Venetian craftsmanship on the popular island of Burano where they make lace, or glass on the island of Murano. *Burano is a must to visit, even if to just get a picture of the stunning colorful houses!
When in Venice, its inevitable that you will get lost. Everyone tells you so, and they're not wrong. So when you find a great restaurant, its best to write detailed notes on where you found it otherwise I guarantee you won't find it again! 
One of our favourite food stops was a take-out fresh pasta shop called Dalmoro's. Immense flavour, and tasted great!
We drank so much coffee. Can you ever have enough Italian coffee? The hot chocolate was good too, it was like pure melted chocolate.
And gelato, of course! Our favourite was Nutella.
The hidden alleys and pretty little bridges are as picturesque as you imagine.
The view from San Giorgio looking over to Venice. You can see the San Marco Campanile in the distance. 
You have to visit this bookshop! It's the coolest we've ever seen! I couldn't tell you where we found it though. From the front of the shop you would have no idea of its secret charm. 

*Wearing our Women's Morpeth shirt paired with thin red pullover*

Last tip for visiting Venice... wear comfy shoes! Wear trainers. You will inevitably walk a lot. 
 It's as if our collection was made for city breaks like Venice. It's the perfect versatile attire- smart or casual. It looks great when layered depending on the weather. Pictured is our Old Berkshire coat, layered with Beaufort hoody and Cottesmore polo shirt.
Our Old Berkshire coat was super handy, as we were ready for any showers we may have encountered. Though luckily the weather was lovely whilst we were there. 
Here's a closer look at the detail on our Beaufort hoody:
Venice: the perfect city break.
Where's your favourite city break? Have you been anywhere in Teddy Edward?
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