Six reasons to go mad for monogramming your clothes

Six reasons to go mad for monogramming your clothes

In a world dominated by social media, the desire to create your own look and show off your individuality to your peers is more prominent than ever.

Because of this, the fashion industry is waking up to a resurgence of the monogramming trend from the early 2000s. This era saw celebrities, stylists and fashion houses alike going mad for personalising those high-end wardrobe pieces.

Today, personalisation is firmly back in style and we are seeing monograms popping up just about everywhere. From clothes to bags, to jewellery and stationery, you lot can’t get enough of representing yourself through your own name.

As a luxury British-made fashion brand we are always on the ball with the newest trends, and embroidered monogramming is no exception! We offer a personalisation service on each purchase of our Teddy Edward moleskin jeans, where you can have up to four characters monogrammed on your left-hand pocket.

Check out six reasons why we think you should go mad for monogramming and add this unique and luxurious touch to your next Teddy Edward jeans purchase.

But before that, a quick history lesson!

The history of monogramming

The origins of monogramming can be traced all the way back to the Roman times no less, where they were used as a royal signature on coins or seals to identify particular rulers.

Embroidered monograms were first used in more humble terms as laundry markers, allowing clothing and linens to be washed together without getting them mixed up. Handy!

But it was in the 15th century that monograms began to garner a higher prestige, when nuns would embroider names on to the finest cloth using gold or silver threads.

By the 16th century, the wealthiest households had clocked on to the sophisticated idea of monogramming and were demanding their initials be embroidered on all sorts of things, from clothing to home furnishings. Monogramming was now favoured as the height of British fashion and was no longer just practical.

Today, adding a monogram to your clothes is a stylish way of injecting personality into your outfit, and bringing a level of high-end luxury to your everyday wardrobe.

So now we know the history behind monogramming, why should you consider getting on board with the trend? Here are six great reasons.

It’s personal to you

Effectively, monogramming becomes a way to add your name to something to denote ownership. By adding your initials to your clothing, you are showing the world that the garment is yours and yours only, giving it a level of personal exclusivity.

With the ever-growing popularity of sharing your life on social media, people are turning to monogramming not only to express their creativity, but as a method of self-branding. What better way to show the world exactly who you are and what trends you are in to than wearing your own name on your clothes?

It also means that your friends/siblings/mum can’t steal your stuff. Nice!

Your clothing is one of a kind

Are you the kind of person who wants something that no one else has got? Well, monogramming is definitely for you!

By adding your initials to an item of clothing, you are not only adding a dash of unique character to a garment, you are making it exclusive.

Mass production across the fashion world means there will potentially be thousands of other people wearing the same outfit as you. To set yourself apart from those who buy their clothes off the rack, why not consider getting a monogram added to your garment? This will not only give you style kudos, but a unique clothing item that no one else can replicate.

At Teddy Edward, not only do we offer a monogramming service with our luxury moleskin jeans, we also only produce limited numbers of each garment, meaning you get clothes that are extra exclusive. Win, win!

It limits the effects of fast fashion

If like many others you have started to buck the fast fashion trend in recent years, you might be pleased to hear that monogramming can actually help mitigate the impact of mass-produced clothing.

By personalising your item with a monogram, you are proving it is a valuable garment worth holding on to, rather than just something to throw away when you are done wearing it.

When your name is on something, you forge an emotional connection to it. This means you are more likely to wear the item frequently and keep it as part of your wardrobe for years to come, rather than switching it out for the latest fad trend.

As a British-made clothing brand, we are committed to reducing the impact of fast fashion on the environment. So, if you are serious about saving the world, shop Teddy Edward and get those jeans monogrammed while you’re at it!

You can give a nod to your family history

In years gone by, monograms were used to signify a family name and would be worn or displayed with pride. So why not carry on an age-old tradition and get your family name monogrammed on your favourite clothes?

Seeing as your monogrammed garment is personal to you and won’t be victim to throwaway fashion, you might keep it long enough to pass down to your children. Heck, it might even become a family heirloom!

It adds a touch of luxury

When a garment is embroidered with your initials, it feels like it has been cared for and made by a craftsman especially for you. Owning something that is bespoke seems instantly luxurious.

As we learned in our little history lesson, the trend for monogramming clothing comes from a background of wealth. Having an item monogrammed in the Victorian era demonstrated class and status, so it is no surprise that modern monogramming brings with it an element of luxury.

The prominence of monograming in the 2000s started with the major fashion houses way before it trickled down to more affordable fashion. This is why the monogram trend feels so opulent - because it was previously out of reach for so many.

It’s good enough for the big fashion houses

From Gucci and Louis Vuitton, to Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, many major fashion houses across the world actually use a monogram as their logo, lending the monogram a high-fashion status.

Take Louis Vuitton in the early Noughties. Their logo became so instantly recognisable and thus synonymous with luxury that celebrities were falling over themselves to get their hands on anything monogrammed with that little LV.

Following on from the use of their own monograms, it is no surprise that luxury brands have long been letting their customers personalise their items. Louis Vuitton was the front runner with it’s personalised trunks, closely followed by Burberry’s Scarf Bar, Tommy Hilfiger’s Customisation Lab and Gucci’s DIY service. 

Nowadays, having your luxury garments monogrammed simply the done thing!

Have we convinced you that monogramming is the height of cool? Why not add your very own monogram to your favourite Teddy Edward moleskin jeans!

Find out more on and tag us on social media using #teddyedwardclothing if you get your Teddy Edward moleskin jeans monogrammed!

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