How our luxury Brocklesby socks are made

How our luxury Brocklesby socks are made

Teddy Edward is based on the Leicestershire-Nottinghamshire border, the ancestral heartland of British textile manufacturing.

We work very closely with one of the oldest sock manufacturers in Great Britain, also one of the very few that are left. They operate in a small village, tucked away behind some houses producing over eight thousand pairs of quality socks each week. They remain very traditional in their techniques, which they crafted over many years in a family business producing mainly cotton, wool and alpaca socks. They use old and new machinery to make traditional double cylinder socks, then their highly skilled craftspeople hand-link them.

The creation of our Brocklesby alpaca wool socks, with hand linked toe seams goes a little like this... 

First you take quality yarns.

Using traditional machinery.

And modern machinery.

The first step in the creation is to knit the socks into a tube using the above machinery.

Then to create a hand-linked toe seam, the sock is carefully placed on the wheel of needles, ensuring a link is not missed. This is the most pivotal and important step in the process, since if a link is missed a ladder is created in the sock. This is literally done in the blink of an eye! The ladies make it look so simple.

The second stage on the needle wheel is to cut off the excess of the sock. This extra yarn on the sock is just used initially to allow space to place the sock onto the wheel.

The next step is completed by the needle wheel. The ends of the sock are neatly sewn together, creating the hand-linked toe seem, whilst being careful not to create any stitching lumps, allowing the ultimate comfort around your toes.

There is usually four socks on the rotating needle wheel at one time.  

Once made, the socks are sent to the finishing house to be washed in order to be in perfect condition for the customer. Here you see the socks boxed and returned to the factory, awaiting to be pressed before our brand transfers are put on.

Here are the socks being pressed so that they are ready to be sold in pristine condition to the customer. 

Lastly the transfer is attached, also known as a stamp of quality on our British-made socks. 

Designing the ultimate under boot sock was a challenge we happily rose to with the Brocklesby. A good sock will stay up all day, be extremely comfortable and be absent of any nasty and annoying seams. Job done with the Brocklesby. The design is bespoke to Teddy Edward and has a luxurious hand-linked toe which means it’s comfortable, and fits like a glove - even after a full day riding or shopping. It’s crafted in Leicestershire from an exotic alpaca wool/nylon blend. Why add the nylon? Well that’s the clever stuff which keeps it standing to attention in your boot. Perhaps we’ve thought about it for far too long, but after several long months on our drawing board, we think we’ve cracked it. Enjoy.

Watch this video to see how our Brocklesby socks are made in action:

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