Meet Kirsty Short; Eventer and Brand Ambassador

Meet Kirsty Short; Eventer and Brand Ambassador

We recently spent a day photographing one of our new brand ambassadors; eventer Kirsty Short. We asked Kirsty if she would write a few words about herself and what it's like to juggle eventing with University.

"Hi everyone! Firstly, before I introduce myself, I'd like to say I feel incredibly priviledged to be a brand ambassador for Teddy Edward. Their collection looks and feels fantastic when on, and I get so many compliments! I'm looking forward to being able to show the collection off at the up-coming three-day trot ups.

I am Kirsty Short, a 27 year old 'mature student' (immature) at Nottingham Trent University studying Sports Education and Psychology. I have five horses for this season. My main man who we have raised from pony club to CCI**** is Cossan Lad, known as Bouncer. He is a 14 year old grey gelding by the famous Irish draft stallion Grange Bouncer, out of an unknown mare. The rest of the crew include Cortage- my 9 year old competing at two star level, Kitty- my 5 year old who has just started her eventing career, and I have two 4 year old babies Babs and Teddy who I'm currently braking in. More information on them can be found on my Facebook page KcEventing. 

I'm based at the fabulous facility that is team Monart, under the watchful eye of trainers Polly Jackson Griffin, and Niall Griffin. We are set in a beautiful village called Kinoulton on the Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire border. We're lucky to have amazing hacking to help keep the horses fit with other fantastic facilities. My last three horses have all been sourced from the Monart sale, so being based there is quite exciting when the sale comes along.

Cossan Lad, Belton

Many people can only hope to achieve their dreams, mine have come true- though with a lot of hard work and determination! Our story is quite a special one. Bouncer was my first young horse to take to CCI* and sell, however Bouncer carried on jumping and we were lucky enough to complete our first CCI**** in Pau in 2013. Since then we have completed Luhmuhlen and Burghley CCI***. We are now ready to tackle Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials.

Bouncer hasn't been the easiest horse- his quirky nature and his hatred for dressage has made it hard to get a qualifying score in order to move up the levels. Bouncer finds it difficult as he doesn't have very much movement, he is built with a very upright shoulder ready to jump, we often call him Bob the cob!

I've been incredibly busy recently trying to juggle my eventing with University deadlines, though now I only have my dissertation left to complete. Due the week of Badminton! But I'm sure I can work around that. Last week I enjoyed being able to let my hair down having a photo shoot with Teddy Edward. Bouncer was funny, he wasn't the most cooperative, though Cortage knew he had the flair and patience to be Britain's next top model. 

Cossan Lad, Belton

So far my season has started well. Bouncer has felt incredible, he is feeling fit and ready for Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials. Although we are currently on a waiting list, so keep praying we will get in. Bouncer jumped amazing at Osby open novice, Lincoln intermediate, and Belton advanced horse trials so far. Similarly, his stable mate Cortage also picked up placing at Lincoln novice and then had a great run at Belton. Between them both, we next run at Kelsall Hill, Badminton and then Aston Le Walls. 

I will update you all soon on my stories of my road to Badminton and how the eventing is going. Till then take care.


Take a look at a selection of images from our lovely shoot with Kirsty wearing our Women's luxury British-made collection: 

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