Make moves in moleskin!

Make moves in moleskin!

Disillusioned with denim? Make moves in moleskin instead!

Denim has undoubtedly been king of the jean world for years on end, but we are here to tell you that there’s a new kid in town. Moleskin.

Err, hang on a minute. Jeans made from the skin of moles? NO THANKS!

No, no. Not mole’s skin. Moleskin! Made from densely woven cotton, moleskin is sheared to give it a soft, textured surface. And yep, you guessed it. The fabric’s unusual moniker is thanks to its striking similarity to the look and feel of a common mole’s fur.

At Teddy Edward, our clothing is designed to look good and feel great, which is why we only make our jeans from moleskin fabric. This allows us to provide a high-end, luxury alternative to denim jeans, and help you inject some classic British country style into your wardrobe.

In fact, our moleskin jeans have become so popular that they actually make up the two bestselling garments in our collection - our signature men's slim fit moleskin jeans Teddy and slim fit women’s moleskin jeans, Julie!

So, why are our moleskin jeans so popular, and why should you swap your traditional denim threads for this luxurious fabric? Here are five brilliant reasons:

Made in Britain

Looking for clothes made in Britain? We’ve got you! Each and every one of our garments, including our signature moleskin jeans are designed and made right here in this country, no exceptions.

And because we take provenance very seriously, all of the materials used to make our jeans are also sourced on this fair isle. Manufacturing our luxury clothes in Britain means we remove the need to outsource production overseas like many big name brands do. This in turn helps us to lower our carbon footprint, provide jobs and fair wages for workers in the UK, and ensure those making our clothes work in humane conditions.

Not only does this mean you know exactly where your brand new jeans come from, but you also know they were made in a more environmentally friendly, ethical way.

So, if you want some stylish threads that also earn you some sustainability points, choose our British-made moleskin jeans!

Soft yet durable

They don’t call it moleskin for nothing, people! Sheared to emulate the texture of a mole’s fur, this fabric makes for some of the softest and most luxurious feeling clothing around.

Forget struggling with stiff denim on the regular. With our moleskin jeans, you can strut your stuff all day long in unrivalled comfort. We promise, you aren’t going to want to take them off!

Don’t be fooled by their softness, though. Our moleskin jeans are also extremely hardwearing! Often the material of choice for British farmers and country folk back in the day, moleskin has become synonymous with outstanding durability. Designed to endure season after season of wear, moleskin performs wonderfully in the field due to its density and was traditionally worn to protect from snags from brambles and undergrowth.

With a life span as long as moleskin, our jeans make the perfect partner for the ups and downs of your busy life, be it in town or country.

Timeless fashion

Will jeans ever go out of style? We doubt it. So why not level up your look with moleskin and make sure you stand out from the crowd for years to come!

A decent pair of jeans will probably feature heavily in your day to day style, so it’s vital they are made well in order to stand the test of time. That’s why every pair of our moleskin jeans is expertly designed and crafted by skilled artisans to last.

Coming in a variety of neutral and classic colourways too, you can always find a pair of Teddy Edward moleskin jeans that will work with those fast moving fashion trends.

Whilst moleskin jeans might be rarer than their denim counterparts, they are guaranteed to always remain a timeless staple. You’d better clear some space in your wardrobe sharpish because these beauties will be hanging around for a while!

Year round style

If you think jeans aren’t suitable for all weathers, think again!

In the colder months, the deep texture of moleskin fabric helps to trap air and retain heat, providing cosy warmth all winter long. It even has wind-resistant properties, meaning you could wear your moleskin jeans on a windy country walk and still remain toasty until you finally reach the pub.

In contrast, the high cotton content of moleskin makes our jeans the perfect summer’s day staple. Jeans in summer, really? Well, moleskin is a highly breathable material, so will help to keep you cool even when the sun is beating down.

To top it off,  our Teddy, Irene and Cissie moleskin jeans all come in white, making them ideal companion for partying all summer long. If we can’t go to Ibiza right now, we sure as hell will be rocking our white moleskins to conjure up those party island vibes!


Typical denim jeans work for many occasions, but there is one place you probably wouldn’t wear them – the office.

Now we are getting back to a *sort of* normal way of life, employees up and down the country are having to ditch their denim in favour of something a little more office-worthy.

Luckily, our moleskin jeans are heaps smarter than denim and would look great teamed with a crisp white shirt or ruffled blouse if you have clients to woo. The best part? You don’t even need to change out of your jeans for afterwork drinks because they look perfect at a city bar too!

Your new moleskin jeans won’t just look slick at work, either. Whether you have a country ramble in mind, a date night booked at a plush restaurant, a picnic by the river planned or just want to lounge around at home, these soft, breathable, and durable trousers will see you through whatever life has to throw at you.

If you think it’s time to ditch the denim and make moves in something more stylish, consider our signature moleskin jeans. Because boy, do we have some great choices for you!

Guys, you want a smart pair of jeans that not only look good but feel great too, right? Enter, Teddy. A British classic in every sense of the word, these slim fit moleskin jeans elevate your look and will have you feeling dapper wherever your day might take you.

And for the girls, we know you like to have a bit more choice when it comes to what you strut around life in. Fear not, because we have three chic choices dependent on your style and shape.

Irene comes in a slim fit style, tapered at the waist to accentuate your natural hourglass figure. Similarly, Chloe is slim fit but comes in a high waisted style to hug your curves in all the right places. And then we have our classic, Cissie. These jeans sit on your hips, giving you a classic, casual silhouette.

So, which pair will you choose? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media @teddyedwardclothing. You never know, we might feature your picture on our Instagram!

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