Look good and feel great during lockdown with Teddy Edward

Look good and feel great during lockdown with Teddy Edward

Like us, you may have been super excited when lockdown presented the opportunity to don loungewear for the entirety of the day, no questions asked.

But now the UK Coronavirus lockdown has been extended, the novelty of living in full on casual clothing all day is starting to wear off!

Did you know that what you wear each day can have a real impact on your mood? Generally, the better we look, the more confident and empowered we feel.

Whether it be chilling at home with your other half, on a zoom call with work or just popping out for a walk, you want to feel like the best version of you. That’s why it pays to stock your wardrobe full of pieces that not only make you look good but feel good too!

Dressing up doesn’t mean having to make a lot of effort though. If you’ve got the right pieces in your wardrobe, styling up will be a breeze. And for the couch potatoes among you, don’t fret – feeling amazing doesn’t mean having to sacrifice comfort!

Check out our top Teddy Edward mood-boosting pieces that will have you feeling fantastic throughout lockdown and beyond.

For the guys


Top of our list is an item that no British gent should be without – the classic white shirt! This isn’t just any white shirt though. No, Oscar is definitely a cut above the rest.

Made by the finest London tailors, this timeless shirt is designed to fit flawlessly and add some Great British flair to your outfit, no matter what you’re up to.

From big work meetings to family celebrations on Zoom, Oscar blurs the boundaries between smart and relaxed, making it the perfect lockdown shirt get you looking and feeling sharp.



Give a nod to the fine land we are locked down in with our Union Jack tee, William.

Thanks to lockdown, the chances of taking a far-flung holiday at the moment are about zero, so we might as well spend this time embracing our British heritage, right?

Made from durable cotton and boldly adorned with a hand drawn flag motif, William delivers unrivalled comfort and a touch of patriotism to your look. If you are after a statement piece to wear on a zoom party with friends, we reckon William is just the ticket.


If you are a looking for a smart number that still feels a bit like loungewear, our Thomas long sleeved polo is the ideal choice for you.

Designed to expertly fit your body and featuring a cool collar with button-up placket, Thomas delivers all the style credentials of a tailored piece with a casual edge.

Thomas is a classic choice if you want to lounge around at home, but also smart enough for a video call with your boss. We think this British-made polo may just make your lockdown wardrobe conundrums a thing of the past.


We all want to look dapper on our lockdown walks, don’t we? Enter, Jack!

As you know, we love the classic British country look here at Teddy Edward, and there is no denying that our Jack gilet is the epitome of countryside style.

Now the weather is getting warmer, you might not need a full-on coat, but you will probably still need something to banish that early morning chill.

Made from soft moleskin fabric, super stylish Jack will not only keep you warm, but we are pretty sure your confidence will skyrocket too.



No round up of feel good clothing would be complete without the inclusion of Teddy! If you are looking for a cool alternative to your usual jeans, read on.

As soft as they are stylish, these slim fit moleskin jeans offer a luxury alternative to traditional denim. The British-made stretch moleskin fabric we use is unique to Teddy Edward, meaning you not only get softness, but a slice of exclusive luxury. 

Without doubt, Teddy is the perfect companion on mood-boosting hikes or lockdown date nights. However you choose to wear your moleskin jeans, we are sure that you are going to feel sharp and stylish rocking Teddy.

For the ladies


As you have probably been living in loungewear since the middle of March (we have been through a couple of pairs of Ivy… shh!) it’s probably time to take your style credentials up a peg or two with Mia.

This luxury pinafore dress is crafted from a unique stretch wool fabric that is expertly tailored to hug your curves and flatter any body shape. Topped off with artisan buttons and a tie to accentuate your waist, Mia will have you feeling body confident in no time.

If you want to add that feel-good factor to your lockdown wardrobe, Mia is definitely your girl!


If slinging on an old pair of jeans is about as far as you have taken your lockdown style, why not rev things up a notch? With our chic yet comfortable mini skirt Emily, those tatty jeans won’t see the light of day again!

This high waisted mini skirt is tailored from our unique stretch moleskin fabric, meaning it will hug your figure and fit you like glove. Finished off with stamped Teddy Edward nickel buttons down the front, Emily is the perfect statement piece to build a chic outfit around, whatever the occasion.

So, whether you need to hop on a video call or pop down the shops, we think Emily will have you feeling pretty special!


Casual tops might have become a staple in your lockdown wardrobe, but have you thought about adding a polo top like Grace to the mix?

A classic choice for men, the polo often gets overlooked by women in favour of more feminine styles. But with Grace’s boyish charms yet figure-hugging cut, we think you ladies will love this unisex addition to your wardrobe.

Although Grace would look perfectly at home chucked on over some casual leggings, why not up the lockdown style stakes? Tuck this British polo in to a pair of our unique moleskin jeans or even our Emily skirt for that classy yet relaxed look.


If you are looking for a chic and classy top that is masquerading as loungewear, then look no further than Poppy!

Made from a soft and sumptuous ribbed material, Poppy is definitely a contender for cosiest top around. But her talents don’t end there! Thanks to the unique boned V detailing at the bust line, what once might have been considered a casual piece has been elevated to a sassy new level.

Poppy can even be pulled down off the shoulders for a more flattering vibe. So, no matter if you are off out for your daily walk in the country or just relaxing at home, you are guaranteed to be feeling your best.



Feel good style isn’t just about the clothes you wear! Nail down your accessories too and you will be feeling fantastic all lockdown long.

One Teddy Edward accessory that we certainly can’t live without is our new and exclusive backpack, Jenni Loaded with super stylish features both inside and out, this chic mini backpack boasts detachable straps so you can carry it in multiple ways to suit your outfit.

So, whether you are taking a trip to the supermarket or need to carry your phone on a stroll through your village, Jenni is the perfect companion to help you feel super chic during lockdown.

Which of our British classics will you choose to see you through the rest of lockdown? Whatever you pick, you can be sure that wearing Teddy Edward will have you looking good and feeling great.

Don’t forget to tag us in your Teddy Edward outfits on social media using @teddyedwardclothing!

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