How to care for your clothes and make sure they last longer

How to care for your clothes and make sure they last longer

You’ve chosen to invest in some high-quality British-made clothing that’s designed to last, but how exactly can you ensure each piece stands the test of time?

We think as much care and attention should be given to looking after your clothes as goes in to picking what items get a place in your wardrobe. So, if you want to be rocking your new purchases down the street for years to come, there are several things you can do to keep them in tip-top condition.

Check out our eight tips below for how to best care for clothes both old and new!

Wash less

The frequent cycle of soaking, rinsing and spinning that our clothes go through when we wash them can take its toll on the fabric, so try washing items only when they really need it.

Over washing can cause damage to the fibres of your clothing and can dramatically reduce the lifespan of the garment. If an item is super dirty, then of course you’re going to want to wash it. But if it’s only been worn once or twice, why not spot clean any small stains and hang it up outside in the fresh air to breathe?

It will be ready to wear again before you know it, and all without washing!


Wash at a low temperature

Aside from helping to save the planet, washing at a low temperature can actually help save your clothes too!

Opting to wash your clothes at 30 degrees means the fabric experiences less wear and tear during the cleaning cycle. Not only that, clothes actually retain their colour for longer when put through the washing machine at a lower temperature, meaning your clothes will look brand new for longer.



Read the care labels

The best way to care for your clothes is written out for you right there on the label, so make sure you give it a read before you do your first wash.

If the label has clear instructions, then great – you’re ready to wash! But what if it just contains those confusing laundry symbols? Here are some common ones you might come across and what they mean:




Listen to brand-specific instructions 

Not only do care labels tell you exactly how to look after your clothes, but brands will often give you specific care instructions on their website.

Here at Teddy Edward, several of our items need some special care and attention when it comes to washing – take note!

You love our moleskin clothing, so we know you’re going to want to take care of your purchases properly. Whether your moleskin number is jeans, a skirt or a gilet, the advice is the same. Wash inside out, use non-bio liquid detergent, wash at 30 degrees and DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!

Because our alpaca wool-based socks are super soft, they’re going to require some special care and attention when it comes to keeping them clean. Wash them at 30 degrees (NEVER higher), aim to use a gentle wool wash setting, use a non-bio liquid detergent and once again, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!

Other items that require specific care are our hoodies and lounge pants, which should be washed inside out at 40 degrees, and all drawstrings should be tied together to prevent the string getting lost in the garment. 

Wash inside out

To keep the outside of your garments looking pristine and ensure they get the most thorough clean, make sure you wash them inside out.

Doing this means the outside of your clothing is protected from damage such as piling or pulls, and the chance of the colour fading lessens.

And not only does washing inside out protect the garment and keep it looking its best, it actually increases the contact between the dirtiest part of the garment and the detergent. So your clothes will get a deeper clean and stay fresher for longer.

Get to know your washing machine

No, we don’t mean getting to know its name or what it likes to do of a weekend. But getting to know your washing machine settings can really help when taking care of your clothes right.

Washing machines have various settings, but let’s face it, you probably only ever use one. Understanding what each different cycle does, however, and working out what garments to use it for can actually help your clothes stay nicer for longer.

For example, you don’t want to choose a rapid 30 minute wash for your muddy outdoor gear. That’s just not going to cut it.  And don’t even get us started on putting your wool socks on a 60 degree boil wash designed for heavy cottons…trust us, it won’t be pretty!

So, make sure you understand what each setting on your washing machine should ideally be used for, and use them appropriately for your clothing.

Air dry your clothes

Step away from the tumble dryer! While using it might be super convenient (especially when it’s not washing line weather!), did you know that excessive dryer use can actually shrink fabrics and break down fibres?

Your clothes will fare far better if you air dry them outside on the line, or on a clothes horse in an airy room. Less shrinkage, no material getting damaged… air drying is ideal for keeping those clothes looking brand spanking new.

If you’re desperate to use the tumble dryer, just remember there are some things that should never go in it! Silk, leather, wool, waterproof fabrics, fabrics with metallic decorations… the list goes on.  If in doubt, carefully check the care label or better still – steer clear of the dryer altogether!

Store correctly

The final way to take care of day to day wear, those investment pieces, and everything in between is to make sure you’re storing your clothes properly. Yes, you over there with a ‘floor-drobe’ – we’re talking to you!

Storing clothing in the correct way will ensure your prized garments stay in great condition when you aren’t wearing them. The key is knowing what to hang and what to fold. T-shirts, top, jeans, casual skirts and jumpers can all be folded, while dresses, shirts and jackets should be hung. 

If you’re going to hang things, choosing decent hangers can also help! Forget cheap plastic hangers or thin wire ones – premium wooden hangers are your best bet for keeping those hung garments in shape and looking great.

Are you going to change your habits when it comes to caring for your clothes? If you do, we promise they are going to look brand new for years to come! Let us know which of our top tips you are going to try in the comments or tag us over on social media @teddyedwardclothing.

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