Choosing the perfect British winter coat

Choosing the perfect British winter coat

Top tips for choosing the perfect British winter coat

Brrr! It’s starting to get a bit nippy out there –  looks like winter is here to stay!

We get it, leaving your duvet behind on those chilly mornings is hard. But, before you reach for that old, threadbare jacket which has certainly seen better days, why not think about investing in a new coat to keep you cosy this season?

A decent coat is the foundation of your winter wardrobe, so you’re going to want to choose something that not only keeps you toasty warm but looks super stylish too.

But what features do you need to consider when looking for a coat that will give your duvet a run for its money?

Here are our top tips for picking yourself the perfect British coat this winter!

Pick a style

First things first – what kind of coat do you like? There are many options to choose from, so you should kick off your research with working out what type of coat aligns with your fashion tastes.

Do you fancy a parka? Maybe you want a puffer coat? Perhaps a trench would look best? Make a list of all the coat types that tickle your fancy, and then imagine which one might suit your individual style.

It would also help to consider your body shape when picking a coat. Knowing your body type will eliminate certain designs and help you nail the search for the perfect outerwear.  

Think about fit

Now that you’ve worked out what style of coat suits you best, you can start thinking about the fit.

You might be the kind of person who likes something long and tight fitting to show off your physique. A tailored coat would be great! Then again, perhaps you prefer a shorter, more loosely fitted coat for that slouchy vibe. Have a think about how you want the coat to look on your body – it will help you narrow down the coat type even further.

However, if you typically get pretty chilly on those cold walks in the country, don’t buy a coat that’s too tight. If you choose one that’s slightly too big, you’ll have more room for layering up. Cosy!

Decide where you’ll wear it

Where are you hoping to wear your new coat?

If you head out on country walks a lot, you’re going to need something that will help you tackle the elements with ease. However, if short city strolls between chic bars are more your thing, you need to look for something that prioritises style and flair.

Either way, make sure you consider where you’ll be wearing your coat because let’s face it, a thin trench probably wouldn’t last five minutes on a mountain hike!

Consider practicality

Ok, it’s great having a coat that keeps you warm and dry, but there’s got to be some other perks too!

We’re talking pockets, hoods – you know, the good stuff.

We think a buying a coat without pockets is like buying a car without wheels – pointless! So, make sure you look for outerwear that features deep pockets to hold the important stuff like your phone, wallet and keys when you are out and about.

It can also be really useful in the typically wet British weather if you look for a coat with a hood (although not essential if you get our Winston or Mary umbrellas!)

Look at fastenings

How a coat does up is very important when it comes to not only warmth, but style too!

Your options are usually the classics -  zips, poppers, buttons, belts and duffle fastenings. We recommend looking for a coat that is easy and quick to do up when the weather changes, and also won’t undo on its own!

Zips and poppers are probably two of the best fastenings to look out for when choosing a coat, and if you can get both on one garment, even better!

Select a Fabric

Do you like cotton? Or are you more of wool kind of person? Perhaps you love velvet? Or maybe polyester is more your jam?

Fabric plays a big part in the look and feel of your new coat, so take some time to consider which one is best for you. It’s also worth considering how each fabric might perform in the great outdoors.

If you’re going to be out in the rain a fair bit then wool might not be the ideal choice. But for something more versatile and durable in the inclement British weather, cotton-based or synthetic materials are usually a good shout.

Give thought to insulation

We’re talking winter coats here, so you’re going to want to find one with a decent warmth factor!

If you choose a puffer style coat or something that is more padded, chances are that it will contain some form of insulation. The higher quality the coat, the better the insulation will likely be.

Insulation will keep you lovely and warm in winter, but because of the breathability of certain thermal materials it’s likely to keep you cool during warmer spells too.

Make sure it’s weatherproof

If there’s one thing we know as a designer of British-made clothing, it’s that you’ve got to be prepared for it to rain!

Make sure you’re looking out for a coat that has waterproof properties. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a pac a mac to enjoy a dry day out!

Many coats, even those which look like they absolutely wouldn’t be waterproof (fleece, velvet, cotton), are often treated with an impermeable coating such as Teflon. So, look out for coats that say they are ‘shower proof’ or ‘water proof’!

You’ll be thanking yourself for picking the right coat when you and your gorgeously soft yet showerproof velvet number get caught in a sudden downpour!


Factor in cost

We love to talk about cost per wear and ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, and it’s just as relevant when it comes to buying the perfect coat.

Coats are often a big purchase, and you might be tempted to save the pennies and buy something cheaper. But with lower priced outerwear, you’re unlikely to get the durability, warmth, fit and longevity that you would achieve with high-end coats.

The more you spend on a coat, the higher quality it will be and the longer it will last. No more coats that fall apart after a year of wear – hooray! 

Choose British

It goes without saying that when looking for the perfect coat, we think you should be looking closer to home!

British-made clothing is fast becoming popular again thanks to being more sustainable and providing much needed support for the local economy. Clothing made in Britain is often artisanal too, meaning it has been made by skilled and talented crafts men and women.

British-made clothing such as our exclusive Teddy Edward range is designed with both style and durability in mind, so you’re guaranteed to get a cosy coat that will last for many winters to come. 


Our top picks

We couldn’t talk about winter coats and not tell you about what we believe is the ultimate winter duo. Meet Olivia and Harry!

Designed to combat the elements in unparalleled style, Olivia and Harry are a modern take on classic British outerwear. Both coats are thermally insulated, showerproof and have deep pockets meaning they are as practical as they are stylish.

Olivia is crafted from sumptuously soft, British velvet, making her the perfect choice for style conscious fashionistas. Boasting a detachable hood and zip fastening, Olivia will take you from rainy, winter’s day walks to sunny strolls in the city with ease.

Harry was created with the modern country gent in mind and is made from soft yet durable British moleskin fabric. Featuring a large collar, zip and popper fastening and deep pockets, Harry is the ideal choice for all your outdoor adventures.

Whatever the weather, you are guaranteed to fall in love with this classic British duo.

Have our top tips inspired you to start thinking about your new winter coat? Let us know what style you decide on in the comments! And if you choose Olivia or Harry, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media @teddyedwardclothing!

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