Amp up the style stakes as we head out of lockdown

Amp up the style stakes as we head out of lockdown

This week’s announcement that lockdown is easing further over the next few weeks comes with one very important question – what the hell are we going to wear?

As pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, and other businesses get ready to re-open and families prepare to meet up again, thoughts turn to how we can go from our current lockdown loungewear look to something more… err…presentable.

And can we talk about the fear of seeing other people again? We have been in lockdown for so long that the idea of seeing actual real-life humans and not just their faces on Zoom feels a little bit strange. There is only one thing that will get us through this experience, and that is making sure we look GOOD.

Our hair might be a mess, and let’s not even talk about our nails, but there is one thing we know for sure. You can look amazing heading out of lockdown if you’ve got the right clothes!

At Teddy Edward, looking good comes with the territory. With our selection of luxury British made clothing and accessories, you can be confident that you will emerge looking sharp and not sh….ocking.

So, what Teddy Edward pieces are guaranteed to amp up your look post-lockdown, and where should you wear them?

To the pub

Oh, public houses. How we’ve missed you…

Fine, we know the pub experience over the next few months might be a little different than what we’re used to, but the premise remains the same – drinks all round and friends to catch up with!

Because it’s been so long since you’ve graced a social environment with your presence, you’re going to want to look great, right? Girls, we think we’ve got the perfect piece to go with that cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc – Mia! This woollen pinafore dress may be mistaken for a winter staple, but we think she makes the ideal dress to throw on when the pub calls. Wear Mia with a short sleeve tee underneath for a casual look, or amp up the vibe with a tailored shirt.

Gents, you are going to want to look dapper as you sip your first pub pint, aren’t you? Oscar is just the ticket! Light and airy, this tailored shirt will not only keep you cool on those balmy summer evenings in the pub garden but will ensure you are looking sharp. For an even more casual vibe, roll Oscar’s sleeves up and you’re well away!


To your parent’s house

Your mum has been dying to see you for months and your dad quite frankly can’t wait to show you his new stamp collection now that you’re allowed in the house.

Hugging may still be off limits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock up looking nothing short of perfect (let’s face it, your Mum is going to cry either way).

Luckily, we’ve got several items that will have your parents saying ‘Wow!’ when you enter the room. Girls, we don’t hide the fact we are in love with Emily here at Teddy Edward, and we know you are going to feel the same. This mini skirt is crafted from our famous, super soft moleskin so it’s guaranteed to hug your curves and flatter your figure. Dress Emily up or down dependent on the occasion – the possibilities are endless!

For the guys, we thought it’s only right that you arrive at your parents sporting a smart casual vibe. After all, you haven’t seen them for months, so let’s try to impress them, hey! Thankfully, George is just the man for the job. This fitted polo is made from durable cotton pique, meaning it’s as cool as it is versatile and always guaranteed to elevate your look to the next level.

In your friend’s garden

Chilled weekend drinks in your mate’s garden are no longer a thing of the past thanks to this week’s announcement. It’s time to get geared up for a (socially distant) jolly with your chums!

So, before you get your deckchairs out and crack open your finest bottle of fizz, you might want to treat yourself to something new for the occasion.

Ava is the post-lockdown top you’ve been searching for! A soft, short sleeve tee featuring a flattering scooped neckline, Ava elevates the humble t-shirt to stylish new levels. Ideal for chilled evenings catching up with the friends you haven’t seen for months, we know everyone at the gathering will be begging to find out where you got your cute new tee.

Sticking with the smart-casual garden vibes, our Teddy jeans are the perfect companion for garden drinks in the sunshine. Expertly made by British artisans from a unique, soft moleskin fabric, these jeans give you that classic British look but with a relaxed edge. Your friends will have never seen you looking so good!

To the hairdressers

Our hair might be a mess right now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be first in the queue when our beloved hair salons open!

So, what can you wear to your long-awaited appointment that will keep you looking and feeling great until your hairdresser has worked their magic?

We think our Cissie jeans are perfect for you ladies to head to the salon in for that post-lockdown do! Comfy enough to wear for hours in the chair, but chic enough to have you feeling great all day, these soft moleskin jeans are fitted to flatter your figure effortlessly. Pair Cissie with one of our signature t-shirts for a relaxed vibe, because you deserve a fully chilled out pamper sesh!

Chaps, we get that your lockdown hair might be a bit wild right now, but why not don Alex until you can go for the chop? Designed to help keep the sun in check thanks to a pre-curved visor, this baseball cap will no doubt turn heads and keep an unruly mane under control. And if your post-lockdown hair cut doesn’t go quite how you’d planned, Alex will help cover a multitude of sins for the next couple of weeks!

Which of our luxury British made clothing styles will you be wearing as lockdown lifts? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to tag us on social media @teddyedwardclothing!

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