Always made in Britain, forever championing sustainability

Always made in Britain, forever championing sustainability

As you will probably know by now, here at Teddy Edward we are extremely passionate about our British-made clothing.

Unlike many other British brands, we ever make our luxury clothing collections here in this country, and strive to operate as sustainably as possible to ensure we bring you high-quality yet ethical clothing that will last you year after year.

There are several commitments we make to ensure this can happen:

  • Our clothes are only made in Great Britain
  • We help boost local skills and employment
  • Everyone is paid a fair wage
  • We go out of our way to avoid child labour and exploitation
  • We create exclusive, limited collections designed to last
  • We ensure wearing Teddy Edward means you have a lower carbon footprint

In part one of the ‘Always made in Britain, forever championing sustainability’ blog series, we take a look at why we are so passionate about making our clothing here in this country, how we ensure as a brand we contribute towards boosting local employment and skills and why those who dedicate their time to creating the Teddy Edward clothing you know and love deserve to be paid more than the living wage, always.

So, without further ado let’s get in to it!

Always made in Great Britain

Did you know that the majority of the clothing labelled British you buy isn’t made in the UK?

According to the Environmental Audit Committee (2019), most of the garments sold here are produced in Asian countries, meaning that everything you buy and wear on a daily basis probably comes from abroad.

Yes, that jumper from a well know British high street brand isn’t even made in this country. Wait, what?

That’s right. Even brands that are British based and seem like they’ve nailed the whole quintessentially British thing probably ship out their production to factories across the world.

There are a number of reasons why they might do this, namely material, production, and labour costs which can be significantly cheaper in Asian countries than they are over here. Ideally, these brands want to churn out many units of each clothing item as possible, so they can get them back to the UK and sell them for significant profit whilst keeping the cost down for consumers and making their clothes look like a bargain.

However, here at Teddy Edward, we are different.  We believe there’s nothing better than knowing exactly where your clothing has come from, regardless of external factors such as cost.  This is which is why we’re committed to sourcing and producing all our luxury clothing and accessories right here in Great Britain. Always.

So, what are the benefits of us doing this?

Well, not only does manufacturing in this country generate fewer overall emissions (no flights/shipping!) and therefore reduces the carbon footprint associated with wearing our clothing.  But we can also be 100% certain of where the high quality materials we use come from and ensure that everyone involved in making our luxury British-made clothing is getting treated and paid well.

By choosing to shop with Teddy Edward, you are choosing provenance, lower environmental impact, and unrivalled British quality that you simply cannot get from high street retailers who make their clothes abroad. Winner!


Boosting local employment and skills

Have you seen our #FactoryFriday posts over on Instagram?

As champions of British-made, we think it’s not only important that you know where your clothes come from, but that we help you see the true value in supporting British manufacturing too. That is why we bring you behind the scenes footage and information from our fantastic factories across the country, so you can learn how important it is that we get behind the British manufacturing industry.

According to The Guardian, since 2008 Britain’s manufacturing sector has shrunk by 600,000 jobs, leaving only around 3 million workers employed in the sector. This means we are seeing much fashion production go abroad, and are losing home-grown talent and British age-old skills.

As a British-made clothing brand, we are committed to helping reverse this decline by ensuring we consistently support home-grown talent and artisanal skills that could otherwise be lost.

By wearing Teddy Edward, you are helping to boost local employment, skills, and preserving a centuries old British manufacturing industry that desperately needs our support. Good on you!


Fair wages for all

Granted, buying fast fashion might save you a Quid or two at the time. Cheap dress for one night out, value pair of jeans for the next… you could probably have a different look for every night of the week and still have change left in your purse by the end of it!

But, have you ever stopped to consider how much garment workers are getting paid to make the low-cost clothing that you just can’t stop yourself from buying?

According to Fashion Checker, a staggering 93% of clothing brands aren’t currently paying their workers a living wage. This appalling number means that for every bargain top that costs you a couple of quid, someone somewhere is getting paid pennies and can barely afford to keep a roof over their head.

Here at Teddy Edward, we are committed to turning the tide on poor wages and living conditions for the people who make clothing. We strongly believe in paying a fair wage for a fair day’s work, so the skilled workers we hand-pick always receive more than the living wage. Brilliant!

As a brand that is steeped in provenance and relies on age-old artisanal talents, we are well aware that our luxury British-made clothing simply couldn’t be manufactured without these home-grown workers. This is why every single person we choose to work with is paid well in return for their invaluable skills and experience. No exceptions!

Are you starting to see why here at Teddy Edward we are so passionate about sustainability and making our garments right here in this country? Keep an eye out of part two of this blog series coming soon, which covers three more reasons why we only ever manufacture our clothing in Great Britain, and why choosing sustainable fashion can help make the planet a better place to live for everyone!

Find out more about why we are so passionate about sustainability and ensuring Teddy Edward always remains a Great British clothing brand over on social media @TeddyEdwardClothing.

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