9 benefits of taking a Great British staycation

9 benefits of taking a Great British staycation

To put it lightly, 2020 has been a weird one. From changing how we work and shop to keeping us holed up away from family and friends, life has altered in ways we probably could never have imagined. But nothing has shifted more than our ability to travel the world.

Jetting off to far-flung destinations, something that used to be so in reach for so many now feels like a thing of the past. And with the recent announcement that travellers returning from Spain are going to have to self-quarantine for two weeks, it looks like the classic sun holiday won’t be the same again for quite some time.

So, with our worldwide travel plans on hold for the foreseeable, attention has turned the Great British staycation. Can holidaying at home ever be as good as going abroad? Well, we think so!

Here are our top nine benefits of taking a staycation this year and enjoying all that the UK has to offer.

Less travelling time

Some people love the excitement of heading to the airport, the buzz of the departure lounge and the thrill of a long-haul flight (free food and drink? Ok then!)

But even with a short two-hour flight to a European destination, you’re looking at over eight hours of travel door to door. And that’s only if there are no delays.

Going on a Great British staycation means you will spend less time travelling, and more time having fun. What’s not to love?

Easier to plan

Flights, hotel transfers, airport parking, rental cars – all bookings you won’t have to spend time making if you holiday in your own country!

Planning a staycation is easy because all you have to do is book somewhere to stay, pack your bags and off you go. It couldn’t be easier.

Also, because you are familiar with the UK, you’ll know the customs, traditions, way of life and how things work over here. You even know what areas are nice and which you’d rather not end up in.

You don’t have that luxury when you go abroad. Even if you spend hours putting effort in to planning your trip, you could still accidently end up in the wrong part of town or having to fork out for unexpected city taxes.

Trust us, a staycation really does involve minimal effort for maximum fun!

No jetlag

We love international travel as much as the next person but man, is jetlag a kill joy.

You know how it is. You get to your hotel and force yourself to stay awake even though you want to crash out, and then spend the next few days like a zombie as you acclimatise to your new time zone.

And it’s not just jet lag that ruins our fun. The pesky time difference can also impact on how long you actually get to spend on holiday, with you often losing hours of time at one end of the trip. 

No such problem on a Great British staycation. Sign us up!

No language barrier

Often when travelling abroad, particularly in less touristy areas, the language barrier can be an issue.

Ok, so most of us know the classic ‘Dos cervezas por favor’, but when it comes to actually being able to communicate in the local lingo, we are stumped.  

Holidaying in your own country means you wont need to hastily learn German or dust off those French textbooks that last saw the light of day in Year 9. Dieu merci!

Better for the environment

It’s simple. Less air travel = less emissions.

Travelling across the world makes for a wonderful experience, but it comes at a price. Flying releases greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere meaning the more we fly, the more we negatively impact the environment. This is why staycations are the perfect choice if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint.

To take your environmentally friendly staycation one step further, why not consider ditching the car and taking public transport instead?

Getting around the UK via train is easy thanks to our excellent rail network. For example, you could travel to stunning South Wales from Manchester in around 3 and a half hours, or from London to the beauty of the Lake District in around the same time.

It could save you money!

Although low-cost airlines can sometimes get you to top European city destinations for less than a meal out at Nandos, more often than not travelling abroad comes with its costs.

Flights, airport parking, visas, vaccinations, city taxes, local transport – it all adds up! Taking a holiday closer to home means these costs are eradicated, leaving you with extra cash for activities or visiting local attractions during your stay.

Even better, if you choose self-catering accommodation you can take your own food and drink, saving a fortune on the cost of eating out.

Get to know new parts of our beautiful country

Great Britain may be small, but there sure is a lot to explore!

With over 17,820 km of coastline (not including any islands off the mainland) and a varied terrain including moors, rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys, cities, and beaches, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to discovering new and beautiful sights.

No matter how many UK holidays you have been on, there is no chance you’ve seen it all. So, why not pack your bags, head off to a part of the country you haven’t been to and embrace all that this wonderful isle has to offer?

Chance to support the local economy

As you may know, we are huge advocates of supporting the Great British economy and ensuring that small, local businesses are able to thrive.

Instead of travelling abroad and spending your money there, why not take a staycation and help boost local business while you’re at it! From restaurants and pubs, to shops and entertainment venues, there are a whole host of small and independent businesses that would really benefit from you support, especially at the moment.  

Consider staying at independently owned hotels or B&Bs, buying produce for your week’s stay at a farmers market, shopping for essentials items at local boutiques and visiting family-run leisure facilities on your days out.

Easy to pack the perfect wardrobe

Packing for a trip abroad can be such a chore. For starters, you are limited to a mere suitcase worth of clothes. But with a staycation, multiple bags suddenly become an option. Winner!

Being able to take unlimited clothing (aka whatever you can squeeze in the car) unlocks the potential to really show off your style, so why not let Teddy Edward dress you for the occasion?

Our luxury range of British made clothing includes chic pieces for all weathers. Boiling hot one day? Raining cats and dogs the next? No problem! Because come rain or shine, Teddy Edward has got you covered. Check out our top picks for a stylish Great British staycation:


Winston and Mary luxury umbrellas

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Have we convinced you to take a staycation and enjoy all that our beautiful country has to offer? Let us know in the comments where you decide to go, and more importantly, which of our British made clothing classics you decide to wear! Don’t forget to tag us on social media @teddyedwardclothing.

Happy travels!

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Great blog post and very true statements. I’ve just booked ferry to Northern Ireland in two weeks and I’ll be seeing stuff I’ve wanted to for years. This has just given me the excuse I needed. Also, the multiple bags of clothes is a very big incentive!


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