Morpeth - Women's Luxury White Cotton Shirt


Morpeth Shirt - Original British styling.

For the elegant Morpeth, we took our inspiration from the sharp 1920’s style sweetheart portrait collared shirt, based upon the original hunting shirt. We’ve brought it up-to-date and created a beautifully British-crafted look-at-me statement shirt. Our bespoke design features a sweetheart collar which stands to attention, giving it a cool and sexy edge. The limited run of our stunningly well-cut crisp white shirts, were crafted in London using 100-year-old techniques to ensure the sharpest of lines and immaculately clean hems. Our beautiful tailored shirt was made in the capital but is equally at home in the country, styled with your Oakley Gillet, jeans and boots. It’s presented with its own set of navy Turk's Head Knot cufflinks – we think it’s a hero in the making.

Made in London, Great Britain.

Machine washable.